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Saturday 19th June
Duckpond Market Chiswick House


Saturday 17th July
Duckpond Market Chalfont St Giles


Saturday 31st July
Duckpond Market Chiswick House

Saturday 21st August
Duckpond Market Chiswick House

Saturday 20th November

Duckpond Market Chalfont St Giles

Saturday 18th December
Duckpond Market Chiswick House

Behind the name

My business name was created whilst on a rainy London commute. Jasmine is for my favourite scent, a smell that instantly takes my mind back to being in India. For those memories of wandering through bazaars smelling the jasmine garlands. Pink is for Jaipur, the 'Pink City' and capital of Rajasthan. It was here that I first fell in love with India over 10 years ago - I have since returned to the city every year.

About me & my ethos

'Jasmine & Pink’ has been my passion project since 2017, a little side hobby to go alongside my full time career as an India travel specialist where I have created hundreds of bespoke itineraries that have covered every region of the country. I have been travelling to India for over a decade, having first visited with my backpack as a young solo 20 year old. I have since been lucky enough to have travelled the length of the country and have experienced life in the big cities as well as in the countryside, far from the mainstream tourist trail. 


Inspired by the block printing artisans around Jaipur following my first visit to a block print factory in 2009, I decided to create colourful accessories and clothing items that have been lovingly handmade using the gorgeous floral block print fabrics that I love.  Everything in my collection is made in small batches by my wonderful partners in Jaipur and the prints of the pieces are determined on what fabrics are available at the time of production, including any surplus material that has been leftover from other projects. 


I also work with a small family of artists in Srinagar, Kashmir, who work from their home to create stunningly beautiful kitchenware items. Using free hand techniques, the artists paint traditional floral designs onto stainless steel.  

I work directly with small independent teams and artists, who all receive a fair wage for their work along with comfortable and safe working environments. I regularly travel out to meet my partners in India to help aid transparency in understanding how every item in my collection is created. My business is based around my passion for the country and the core believes of empowerment, sustainability and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Packaging & materials

I try my very best to use recycled or sustainable materials to package up my items. For online orders, I use sari silk ribbon which is a by product of sari manufacturing in India. Rather than going to landfill, the ribbon has been repurposed and hand dyed by a women's cooperative. I also regularly use recycled kraft tissue paper along with carbon neutral mailing bags made from sugarcane. 

I also use old Indian newspapers from Rajasthan and Kashmir to wrap up the homeware. For markets and events, I do not use any plastic bags but instead use Indian newspaper bags that have been made by an NGO in Delhi who help to support street children. 

Siân x