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About us

The name 'Jasmine & Pink' was dreamt up one afternoon on a rainy London commute. Jasmine is for our favourite scent, a smell that instantly takes our mind back to being in India. For those memories of wandering through bazaars smelling the jasmine garlands. Pink is for Jaipur, the 'Pink City' and capital of Rajasthan. It was here that our passion for India began over a decade ago, and where we have since visited every year.

Siân Warren
Founder 'Jasmine & Pink'
& India Travel Specialist
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The story of our brand began over 12 years ago when Siân travelled solo with her backpack from London to Delhi at the age of 20. The trip changed her life and career and she soon became an 'India Travel Specialist' and spent the next decade working with some of the UK's best travel companies. Since that first journey, Siân has travelled to India every year for work and pleasure and decided to launch her small business as a hobby in 2017, in order to support artisan crafts.

After being made redundant from her dream India travel job during the pandemic, as well as becoming a new mother, Si
ân decided to focus on 'Jasmine & Pink' and invested her redundancy in the hope of making the business her full time career. Siân now designs her own clothing collection along with creating limited edition pieces using end-of-roll block print fabrics. Siân also uses her experience in the travel sector to curate escorted cultural group tours to India. 
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Slow fashion, sustainability
& working directly with artisans

Siân first witnessed the craft of block printing in 2009 when a friend showed her a workshop in Sanganer. Here she could see for herself the rhythmic scene of the printers lining up the blocks with their fingers before firmly hitting them with the heel of their hands. A mesmerizing scene that was long to stay in the memory.


It is this experience that inspired Siân to work with a block print communities in Sanganer and Jaipur to create her own small collection. The village of Sanganer is an important textile centre, and it is here that we work alongside experienced chhippas (printers), rangrez (dyers), and block carvers who help bring each of our designs to life. Everything is created and made by hand, with the printing community working together to pass their knowledge from one generation to the next.


With the increased use of mass-produced fabrics, we focus on working with these skilled artisans and their community so that we can showcase their beautiful craft and share with customers the journey of how their garments are made. We create everything in small batches so that we don't over manufacture excess fabric and will run repeat prints when the demand requires it.


Many of our garments have been created using 100% certified organic cotton. Several of our other pieces have been handmade using end-of-roll and deadstock fabrics, to help use up materials that already exist.


For our Kashmir homeware collection, we work closely with a family of artists who live in the town of Srinager in Kashmir. The family have been engaged in their beautiful craft for several decades after starting work from the safety of their home during the Kashmir conflict in the 1980s. The family purchase all of the steel pieces from a local market in Srinager before taking it home to start the painting process. Every brushstroke is applied by hand and each individual piece requires up to five layers of paint to achieve the desired design.